FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch FIFA 13 for Wii U was the last serious delivery FIFA 18 Hack Free that EA Sports took to a Nintendo console. That work was criticized because it was not even a version on par with the other consoles, rather they had revamped the previous year and added some elements of the console. Since then not only disappeared this game, EA and Nintendo practically broke relations (something else came on Wii).

Until now, because FIFA 18 Coin Generator for Nintendo Switch marks a new beginning, the debut in a new era. We are facing a very good football video game, although as we have been telling you since your announcement, you have to take into account the differences regarding PS4, Xbox One or PC to avoid surprises. All start from the same point, the graphics engine. A couple of years ago that FIFA moved to the Frostbite, but it does not yet run on Switch, so everything it contributes has been left out. The most important thing is the El Camino, the story mode with which you recreate the career of Alex Hunter not only on the field, but also outside of it, and which involves a multitude of players, coaches, and guest stars. So what about the game modes?

FIFA 18 Hack tools free for Nintendo Switch does have the two most popular, Carrera and FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). The first is similar to last year’s, with scouting for signings, pre-season tournaments, the option to coach the national team and the entire evolution system during the season. What this version lacks is precisely the new, the video sequence of the negotiations and the signatures. But all the gameplay includes it. As for the FUT mode, about which we have talked to you long and hard in this FIFA 18 FUT guide of tips and tricks , we are also facing the version of 17 but with the interface of 18. It is anything but the Squad Battles, therefore it is the market and the transfers, the online and offline seasons, the FUT Draft and, surprisingly, also the challenges based on the templates. The most important thing is that we have thrown some games online and everything flows perfectly, without lag problems. And do not forget other ways such as skill games (including new ones), mixed tournaments, the rest of online functions and the quick matches of a lifetime.

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One of the novelties that Nintendo Switch brings to FIFA 18 Hack free is the possibility of playing with a single Joy-Con control. This automatically makes the console is equipped for two people to play, although it has a cost because you have fewer buttons. Theirs is that each player has two Joy-Con or Pro controls. But as an alternative to play a light match with colleagues has a pass. But, very important: in the Nintendo console you can not face your friends online . For some reason they have eliminated that option, so all the matches are by matchmaking.

Hopefully they will implement it in the future by means of a patch, because it is a pity. It could be said that FIFA 18 per content does not FIFA 17 Cheats have the same total value as the main version, but it has enough to be considered a quality game. That said, it also costs ten euros less and you can play it anywhere. As for its playability, here the sensations are mixed. Much of the PS4 / Xbox One features appear here, such as the new dribbling mechanics, center kick or skills and watermarks. It is a refined gameplay that always goes smoothly and plays perfectly with Joy-Con. But there are details that have not arrived as quick substitutions, which do not affect too much.